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Derek Jasper is a magician, mentalist, and deception expert, originally from Northern Virginia. Jasper’s knowledge of lie detection, con-games, and sleight of hand is what makes his show truly one of a kind. He combines feats of mentalism, breath-taking sleight of hand, and strong theatrics to create memorable performances for audiences across the country.  





Jasper combines his love of sleight of hand, psychology, and confidence games to make his show one of a kind. His fast-paced stage show is filled with magic, comedy, mystery, and elegance that is geared towards any audience. Imagine someone special in your audience becoming part of the show and having a wonderful experience! Audience participation is a big theme in Jasper's one man show. No matter the occasion, Jasper is guaranteed to be the headliner that your family, friends, or company will be talking about for years to come. 

On Stage

Close up and Strolling

Jasper takes his magic from the stage to directly under your audiences eyes. Derek’s main field of expertise is sleight-of-hand performance. Your audience will be only inches away from the magic. Derek’s close up repertoire has a hint of comedy with the intense atmosphere of pure magic and elegance.


Have Derek sit down in your hospitality suite to perform for your guests with his elegant close up show or have him strolling through your event, bringing the magic to your guests.  Jasper’s close up magic is a great addition to any hospitality suite or social gathering. Jasper encourages his audiences to watch as closely as they can when he brings his magic directly infront of their eyes. 

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